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Sound Board as Road Bed



Well, I have some sound board installed. I glued it to 3/4 plywood and given it three coats of latex paint. It is a brown color naturally. When you cut it you get a 'fuzz' that simply blew away. I cut it outside using my skil saw. Not bad actually, plywood makes more mess. It also cuts almost as easy as foam board with a utility knife.

Used a 16 oz bottle of titebond ($6) to secure it to the plywood. It took 4 oz per 2 * 8 sheet. THe first coat of paint simply disappeared before my eyes! The third coat dried and it looks like all the pictures of Homasote I ever saw. I've NEVER actually seen Homasote, not sure it really exists, cause I've never been able to find it, I think it might be an urban legend.

Ok, it looks good, it is solid, it feels good when I touch it. Now comes the acid test. Layout a piece of flex track on it and grab some track nails and a pair of needle nose pliers. You always hear guys say that Homasote is worth it. When that nail slid into the Sound board, I knew I'd done good. I'll give you that Homasote might hold the nails even better, but oh, was I pleased with how it went together. I'm confident that wnen I glue and balast the track, it will be just what I always wanted in a road bed.

I'll post again as I get more experience with it. So far, I' really pleased.

Thanks to those who encouraged me to try it.


PS, $9 a sheet at Home Depot AND Lowes in the N. Denver area.



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