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Lessons Learned Scenery

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Updated 1-19-2007

This will be a work-in-progress about the critical lessons I learn while building out the scenery on my Parkdale Railroad.


Hydrocal dries very fast, mix it half cup at a time, it is all I can work at single time without it setting up in the bowl ahead of time.

Hydrocal goes on best, very wet, it can and will drip, take precautions.

Drywall Mud

Drywall mud will crack if it is much more than 1/8" thick.

Drywall mud is a slow drying plaster.


The mess is horrible. I hate the flummers!

Heated foam knives are, well I returned mine, it was not worth the 60 bucks.

Foam cutting wires are better than the knife, but just barely, they don't get hot enough.

Foam is turning out to be a good foundation material for me, easy to work with, lighter than wood, I use drywall screws and foam based construction adhesive to fabricate.

Scenery frameworks

Drywall screws are effective to splice and connect foam parts

Drywall screws are superior for attaching screen wire to foam

Not all liquid nails are equal, I don't like the WalMart brand, it does not set up like the Home Depot brand does.

Only use the foam based liquid nails on foam. You will find out why if you try it.

Contact Cement

I love contact cement!

Contact cement will turn foam into goo if you use too much!

Contact cement on untempered Masonite will frequently curl on the edges. White glue or matte medium helps put it back down.
Contact cement with poster board has been reliable so far

More to come, check back often!

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