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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lessons Learned - Sound

Updated 12/10/2006 changes in italics

Sound is a wonderful thing.
Sound rekindled my interest in model railroading.
Sound makes the train more realistic.
Sound costs a little more to have the very best.
Sound is a trap, waiting for us to step into.
Sound out of the QSI box is TOO LOUD!
Sound that is too loud can be turned down.
Sound of 10 locomotives idling in an 11 X 16 room is painful.
Sound control of MU units is 'different' and I am not sure I have it figured out.

Personal technical observations
  • MRC diesel box DCC sound box is embarrassing to listen to.
  • MRC Steam box chuff is really great, but has an awful whistle.
  • QSI does their programming differently and is not easy to understand.
  • QSI magnetic wand sound control is way cool.
  • QSI Pressing F8 is nice, but their shutdown is Much better. Idle engines must be quiet or you will go out of your mind!
  • Soundtraxx does their DCC programming straight forward but the results have been disappointing.
  • Soundtraxx Tsunami has wonderful, beautiful sound, but it is very difficult to get sufficient volume/loudness.
  • Putting a sound decoder in an HO locomotive is a major undertaking. Based most upon the poor results I have gotten from the experience (5 locomotives) I now purchase the locomotive I want with the sound already installed.
  • I am unable to buy a locomotive and put the sound and decoder into the locomotive and save money, much less time and as I already said, I am not happy with the results.


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