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Lenz LH100 Quick Reference Guide

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As a newbie, trying to master the sundry capabilities of the Lenz LH100 was causing me some amount of grief. I didn't think it was rocket science, especially with all the people in model railroading that seem to know how to use a word processor as well, and in many cases even better than they do using a #11 or 60watt soldering iron. A diligent search of the web left me empty handed. Does not mean it is not out there, just means Joe Daddy was unable to find it.

My next option was to begin pinging the forums. What a pain that was, why do you need one, are you stupid? You ought to change over to MRC's prodigy, you don't need no stinkin cheat sheet, it is so easy.

Let me know if it is useful! Certainly let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if there are mistakes!



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