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Powering Layout Accessories
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I have been reading about DCC accessory bus implementations where one uses an extra DCC Booster to run a separate bus around the layout for the purpose of powering accessories like lights and turnout decoders.  
I do something similar.  To power my accessories I use a 12 - 14 volt ac transformer to provide an ac accessory bus that is in parallel and right next to the DCC bus separated from the CTI bus and wiring by 1 - 2 inches.  No discernible noise issues.  I use local small regulated power supplies to power remote CTI modules, miller neon signs, lighting, crossing gates, pump jacks etc.
What if I put a booster in place of the transformer and instead of continuing to add more local DC PS as the need arises, I do like I am doing on a pump jack and use a discarded mobile DCC decoder with the output adjusted to say 5 or 6 volts depending upon how fast I want the jack to operate. 
This poses two questions to you guys.
1 - Today I use TBrains and a Dash 8 to control accessories via relays. Instead, can I use a mobile decoder adjusted to 12 volts to power a CTI module, perhaps even use a lamp output if it is not set for LED?  
2 - Would a second DCC bus in the wiring channel be likely to cause more or less or about the same level of RF interference/noise on the system.?
By doing this, my accessories would now be controllable via either directly by the DCC system or by CTI.  I would think the output of a DCC Decoder would be nearly as clean DC as the regulated Power Supply.
My layout uses a false facia to cover a wiring channel where all layout wiring is located.  The channel is made from a 1 x 4 on its side with 2 1x2 on top and bottom. 
The cost of the booster ($45) is cheaper than buying or building more DC supplies. I have plenty of decoders laying around.


 Drawerwork  TamValleyBoosters CSF DCC System layout 
 Tam Valley Boosters and Lenz DCC System    Digitrax 2012 DC Power Supply
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