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My DCC drawer continues to evolve.  I think this is the 6th or 7th major revision.

I have 4 power districts and 4 RRamp meters each monitoring a cable run of about 50ft of 14 gauge speaker wire buses. In use are 4 Tam Valley boosters each feeding a PSX-1.  I've had problems with multiple PSX connected to either the Tam Valley or DB150's or LZV100's as a boosters.  The booster trips 50% of the time with the PSX defeating the entire theory of multiple circuit breakers.  The price of a Tam Valley booster is about the same as a PSX so the PSX falls out in future versions.

I also have another Tam Valley (fifth unit) to power the accessory bus.  All five Tam Valley's are powered by a Digitrax  PS2012.  Not so remarkably, all the track voltages are the same.  My DCC command station is an LZV100. 

 The upper drawer only contains the CTI-Electronics modules and a 12 volt power supply.  Across the back of the drawer is a 48 port network cat 5 patch panel. The 110 blocks allow me to cross connect and terminate the wiring from the sensors and other devices on the layout.  2015-02-05 21.12.43
 The bottom drawer contains all the DCC components and the large Digitrax PS2012 just visible on the right edge of the picture.  The wires to the PSX are monitoring the power status and whether the breaker is tripped.  The PC monitoring the sentry watches the power state. When a power failure happens, the PC plays a wave file that alerts me as to where the failure is.  This is particularly effective on open houses and in never fails to add to the level of sophistication of the layout.  2015-06-16 17.59.28
 The bottom drawer front houses the four RRamp meters that monitor the power of the four districts. The panels are mounted on a piece of 1/8 inch masonite.   2015-06-16 18.02.13









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