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Most all my wiring connections around the layout are within a wiring channel / tray that runs around the aisle side of the layout.  This keeps the wiring at eye level when sitting in a chair.  NO, I've never had crosstalk between the wires.   I use CAT5 for control and throttle networks.  The fascia is fastened over the tray by machine screws.

The origin of this technique came from a 2007 issue of Scale Rails article written by Jim Zinser.


 IMG 0496  IMG 0497  IMG 0498
A pair of CTI current detectors
safely tucked in the wiring channel
but notice withe 1x4 how much 
space is taken up.

I use cat5/6 network wire to carry
control signals back to the 
centralized DCC and Electronics

 2015-09-10 10.09.04  2015-09-10 10.09.26  SawMill Electronics Panel b
I've started mounting remote
electronics on fold down panels
mounted on cabinet hinges.

Here is the same panel folded back
under the layout.  

Another panel mounted on hinges, 
the weight was so much I used 
a simple set of eye hocks and wire
to hold it backup against the layout.

Lessons learned

- 1 x 4 is too narrow, 1x6 is ideal

- Crosstalk has not been a problem for me.

- Used NCE, Digitrax and Lenz all behave the same.

- Remote mounted electronics should not be mounted up under the layout. Mount them on fold down panels made of 1/4" plywood.



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