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Paint tips

 Spray paint, the shake and shoot kind, Krylon we all use it,  We all get frustrated with them when the nozzles stop up. What to do when that happens is the $64 question. WD40 B 2014 
 When the nozzel stops up,  remove the nozzel and squirt a little WD-40 through it.  There are two kinds of nozzels, the innie and the outtie. See the pictures. Usually that does it, but when you have a really stubborn clog, soaking the nozzel in mineral spirits for a day or three.  After I get it unclogged, of course I don't paint my item directly, but squirt a little on the box to ensure the WD-40 is flushed away.  This tip courtesy of Frank Smucker from my club.  WD40 C 2014
The two suggestions above may well work for you but ultimately I was never able to recover a nozzel that was either partially or completely stopped up.  I found these new and very inexpensive, about the price of two cans of shake and shoot.  Click here SprayCan Nozzels
 These neat little rings are available at HD or Lowes and are great  for  making pours out of gallon cans. I swear you could pour a thimble and waste very little paint. The ring is easily cleaned with water or mineral spirits for enamel.  2012-07-25 08.04.00


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