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AC Super Glue tips

AC Activator

Accelerator/activator is a handy, convient way to get super glue to quickly harden.  Most of the activator comes in a spray bottle. I just hate getting the activator all over the place.  Get one of the very tiny plactic pippets like pictured to the right and use it to put just a drop or less right where you need it.




 You can also wipe a thin film of some petroleum jelly on the applictor nozzel before you put the cap on and it will be clean and ready for use when you need it again.  Loctite makes one of the better AC glue dispensers on the market.  It contols the glue really well.  I had been frustrated with the old AC glue tubes and Loctite brought me back.  It is a bit more expensive, but it has a good shelf life and it doesn't seem to stop up like others. 2012-07-25 08.04.18


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