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I am still chasing my intermittend and random layout  power situation. Had a major episode today, all pointing to USB. I've now started having random BSODs as well and usually at CTI shutdown. I also hear random USB disconnects and reconnects while still have occasional difficulty getting CTI USB to come on line.  All of it of course is highly intermittent.  I've a myriad of USB crap on my train computer and in the process of disabling stuff.  So far a maxtor usb drive may be the cluprit as it has been dormant for a year and I just put it on line about the same time the weirdness started.  At this point, all I can do is remove or disable stuff and see if the problem stays away.
The funk yesterday put the Digitrax system into a recurring problem where all it will do is power on and off but will not acquire or control locomotives until I do a OPS Switch 39 clear.  
This morning, all seemed ok, except system said Locobuffer to CTI port was in use. (Said it yesterday too).  That is when my attention turned back to the PC and USB. A freebie called usbdeview has been helpful today.
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UPDATE  3/28/2014

Right after I posted this, I replaced the Mouse and unplugged the USB, the system is working reliably. As I said before, only time will tell.




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