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Train Automation, determining train direction:

Determining the direction of a train running DCC and CTI-Electronics Train Brain application.

The DCC locomotive has a direction flag that can be queried at any time which will tell you the current direction the locomotive is traveling.  It is up to you to know which direction you want the train to be going in the block.

Where Blk_NY6B is the beacon name
If  *Blk_NY6B.direction = Forward then 
*Blk_NY6B.Direction = Reverse
Where a_0012 = the locomotive address
If  &a_0012.direction = Forward then 
&a_0012.Direction = Reverse
I learned this from Terry and I use it on my shuttles (trains that go to and from on an isolated track) and other places where direction is critical.  By using this method on my shuttles, the layout recovers from a power failure, reset or start up automatically.


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