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Dual Monitors  Sunday, February 4, 2007

One of the realities of working with a computer is that your view quickly becomes tied to the monitor. I remember when a 15" monitor the large size. Today, 19" is common place.
Trouble is bigger is better. Much of today's model railroad software likes to spreadout on the screen. Get a couple of throttles, a CTC panel and all of a sudden, even a 19" gets crowded.

Today, dual monitors can provide a useful approach to helping us be more efficient and productive while using our train software. Click on this picture to see a larger view of this technique.

Most laptops running XP are already for you to add the second monitor. Implementation is pretty straight forward. If you do not already have a monitor attached to your computer, plug one in to the vga jack on the back and power it up.

Right click on your desktop and select properties. A dialogue box like this should pop up. Select the settings tab and do the following:
Select monitor 2 with the mouse
Click on the box 'extend my desktop onto this monitor
Click ok and your desktop is now on two monitors.

You can now drag objects to the second monitor, or even extend a single window across both windows. In the first picture, I am running CTI's train brain with the CTC panel and a couple of reference windows on one screen with the throttles and programming screen on the other. The use of dual monitors is really good for doing programming and troubleshooting when you need to have a lot of windows open.

Good computing!

Joe Daddy



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