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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ebay Pet Peeves

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Oh, how I wish we had the old eBay back. You remember, the one where the sellers were like you and me. We had too much stuff and wanted to lighten the load or empty the shelves under the bench. But that eBay is long gone, replaced by something that is so ugly.

Few are the eBay sellers like you and me, today we have the ebay entrepreneur which in too many ways can mean Shyster. Some of their tactics include:

Quantity on Hand is meaningless to the Shyster. He takes your order, then places an order from his or her supplier and fills your order when he gets his. Oh, burried in the two pages of BS is a statement that most orders are filled within 30 days. grrrrr

No PayPal - This jerk runs a cash only business, requiring only certain types and even colors of money orders! This of course means an expensive and time consuming trip to the post office to stand in line and purchase a money order! Naturally, I never seem to catch these Shysters until after I have won the auction. Yes, you can search for pay pal only, but then your buddy sends you a link for something you have been looking for and it is one of these clowns. GRRRRRR!

Shipping Scammers - Buy it now for $1 and I hope you did not notice that the Shyster's shipping cost is $90 bucks. Money back guaranteed, shipping costs excepted. Actually happened buddy. You are probably ok IF the product works (mine did not), and you noticed the shipping scam before you bid. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Retaliation Feedback - Just watch what happens when you give one of these Shysters negative feedback. They retaliate with the most outrageous crap. I have finally decided that is OK, and I now wear it as a badge of honor, I caught you you sniviling Shyster! Under the new rules, the seller can only give you good feedback, but they CAN and DO say nasty things about you. I wear those nasty comments as my eBay purple heart!

Just a few of the more nasty things I hate about Shysters. More to come!

Joe Daddy



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