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Friday, December 29, 2006

Commentary - Using my time, do I expand or refine?

Time, we only have a finite amount of it don't we? Use it or lose it as they say. Well, the Parkdale Railroad version 2 can now run trains again! The dual mainlines can run independent trains and the ramps that make the 11 inch rise from the staging yard to the operations deck work just fine. I can pull 23 car trains with my twin F3s both powered and speed matched at a crawl, with a stop half way up and restarting with no back pedaling. I did not say no spinning mind you, but then I am all out of HO sand

The transition era diesels work fine, but my test steam locomotive a BLI Northern 4-8-4 found a couple of kinks that were hidden here and there. The root of the kinks, it turns out, is that I had gotten 'cute' and tried a new technique of leaving the ties mounted on the flex track and just cutting the tie to rail barbs. Looks great without the naked inch and a half of rail, but it still allowed the track to kink.

My first year anniversary of returning to Model railroad passed last week. At this milestone, it is time to make another decision?

Do I focus on scenery of my current layout, OR, do I do the expansion that Xpedx and I have privately discussed? Or do I do both?

It is all about time, isn't it, where do I spend it, building bench work, laying track and wiring turnouts, signals and crossing gates, Or do I get my hands into the plaster?

You know, I think I am going to do both. . . After all it is only time. . .




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