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Just finished spending several hours replacing 6 burned out CFLs.  

I've been using CFLs since 2007 or so an have 20 of them plus some regular florescent T8 48" tubes.  Over the years every CFL has   been replaced at least once and many two or more times.  I've grown to hate them.   

I just replaced some CFLs in the kitchen and we were immediately enamored with the instant on and the overall quality of the bulbs.  A 12 watt LED bulb puts out 100 watts of light power.

eBay LED Bulb

 Link to eBay

The ones I ordered have 1080-1200 lumens and a color range of Cool White(6000-6500K)

If you are having good luck with CFLs go for it, but I've consistently had troubles with longevity any where I put them in the house and the slow turn on time drives my wife nuts.  We are on good clean power and have a power outage about once every I can't remember the last one. I'll mourn the passing of CFLs like I did Windows 95.



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