2015-06-29 16.03.16 

My layout lighting consists of 7 Florescent T32 bulbs and 20 13 watt LED (100 Watt Equivalent) l bulbs all powered by 110 volts.  The bulbs are mounted behind the valence which is hung from the ceiling.  The lights are wired in two independent circuit groups that are switched on and off by a ZWave appliance relay module.  It is controlled via my security system and works via my iphone,  droid or toggle on the zwave appliance.  The aisle lighting is hard wired into the house system and will remain in tact for reasons that seem obvious to me.

The load on the devices is 410 watts pulling 4.75 amps.  Train brain relays should handle the load which I will divide into to circuits roughly equal. 

In a perfect world, I'd like to control the lights in four ways:

  1. By Zwave a dedicated home automation system.
  2. By  computer control via PC running CTI-Electronics Train Control Language (TCL)
  3. By DCC which is Lenz LZV100 with Ethernet access
  4. Manually via a push button or toggle switch

All of the wiring has been done within the valence and has no direct connection anywhere to household wiring except for one entry point where I plug the ZWave into a wall outlet.

I need control via TCL so the entire layout scene can be programmatically controlled. But I will not allow lighting to be dependent upon the PC running for control.  

The approach I have taken is to use a DCC Specialties Wabbit controller to drive and control relays wired normally as (NC) with a push button to toggle them for manual control.  I’m leaving the ZWave controller inline head of string as input to the Decoder (NC) as the source of AC power keeps ZWave control over the lights without regard to DCC or PC intervention. I have used a couple of TCI relays to control the lighting load rated at 10 amps 120 volts.


 CSF Layout Lighting d  CSF Layout Lighting b  CSF Layout Lighting c