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As I have aged, one of the side effects has been a growing intolerance to dirty air. In fact, my doctor started talking about asthma! Well that got my attention. My train room, nice as it is, gets pretty dusty when I do a little sawing with my sabre saw or I crank up my portable bandsaw.

For a few months I have been thinking about getting some kind of air filtration for my train room. After looking at a lot of systems, I've decided on the Jet system. Pros - The unit comes with a built in remote control, 3 speeds and a 2,4 or 8 hour timer. The unit is well constructed and made of painted or powder coated sheet metal. The large squirrel cage fan pushes a lot of air through the machine. Cons - The unit makes a lot of noise which is tolerable while using power tools, but it is definitely not something I want to keep running all the time. The unit is about a foot tall and I had originally intended to hang it from the ceiling using chains, but with my low 7'5" ceilings, I have it sitting under the layout on a table where it does not get in the way.

Overall the unit does what I want it to, scrub the air in the shop after a session of power tools, and I am glad I got it.

I bought mine at

Jet AFS-10009 Price $229.00 Mine came with a $25.00 rebate making the cost $204.00




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