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 Work in Progress, check back 6/11/2015  JB

Tools and the workshop are keen interests to me.  Sometimes, I'm more interested in the tools, their organization and care and feeding than I am in the railroad.  I thought you might find some of the fixtures I use interesting.


Hand Tool holder Fixture

 Simple tool storage stores screwdrivers and pliers of all and any types. The unit is constructed of scrap wood and a piece of masonite. Completely portable and quick and easy to build.  Pliers simply hang from the pockets or you can customize the spaces to a particular plier.  This one has two rows of custom spaces but I found it served my purpose better to simply hang the pliers over the outside.  I did find it necessary to watch the loading else it will tip.  The fixture to the right has some 1X2 feet to maintain balance. 

 CSF Tool Holder 2015c
 CSF Tool Holder 2015  Tool Fixture a 2015 Tool Fixture b 2015   CSF Tool Holder 2015d

 Soldering Fixture

My soldering fixture Top View made from scrap plywood, a little jar for rosin  flux paste so it is always near the work.  A couple of alligator clips to hold wire and devices for soldering.  Yes I have one of the commercial ones but this one actually holds objects steadier.  And all it is are holes drilled in the 1X2 with bare alligator clips stuck in them.  I have an extra hole in case I need the clips really close.

 Soldering Fixture 2015
 Front View of the soldering fixture.  The brass device with the black button is an old solder sucker mad of brass.   Soldering Fixture b 2015

 Drill Holder

A 4" PVC or vinyl pipe collar makes a wonderful electric drill holster.  I cut a notch for the drill triger and drill an hole for a drywall screw to fasten the device where ever I expect to store a drill.  I have several around the layout and always work to keep my drills in one of these.  Most any brand or type of drill will fit, I even use one of these to park my heat gun.

Drill Holder   Drill HolderInUse  Tool Fixture Drill Holder


Tool Bar

My computer monitors are a pair of 24 inch devices.  I added my own 'tool bar' across the front of the shelf to hold those tools I use most often.


Monitor Slide

    The MOST useful tool in my train shop is my computer.  I abhor paper and work mostly from PDFs or pictures them myself.  Perhaps the most useful fixture in my shop is the computer monitor shelf which allows me to push my monitors back under tha layout allowing me to have a much bigger work space  or none at all depending upon what I am doing.  The shelf is simply a 2 x 4 piece of 3/4 plywood mounted on heavy duty drawer slides.
CSF Works shpoe area3 2015       CSF Tool Holder 2015e
Desktop Organizer
Desktop Fixture     Desktop fixture b


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