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 Track Cleaning

Sounds like track cleaning has become a denomination, I wonder if it is Calvinistic or Armenian?

I am convinced the problem with track cleaing is temperature, humidity & dust control. This conclusion of course was based upon my own very limited experiences. About 1976 I built a layout with Atlas brass track in a house neither central air nor heat in Mississippi. We used a franklin fireplace in the train room to heat the house. The track would crud up almost every time I ran it. So I changed over to nickel silver and it was good for every other time or so. What a terrible pain, it was one of the main reasons I left the hobby.

When DCC lured me back last year, this problem was on my mind and I purchased a centerline to get prepared for the problem. During the entire 15 months I have been building and rebuilding my layout, I have yet to run the centerline on all the track, nor have I seen or heard any track cleanning issues. Bright boy nice and new, centerline on a siding somewhere, the roller in my track nail box.


SO what is different? First I now live in Colorado where the humidity is as low as Mississippi was high. My layout is in a climate controlled reasonably clean room where the temp ranges from 68 - 72 winter and summer. My track cleaning tool is a vacuum cleaner after I have done some construction.

My layout is DCC with a growing sophistication of electronics and most of my engines have sound decoders. I just don't have track cleaning problems.

Now I have a good friend who lives in N. Denver with a 24 X 32 in a building out back that is reasonably insulated, a window air conditioner and a heater on the ceiling. Temperatures probably differ some 40 - 50 degrees during season changes. His humidity is going to be pretty low. His layout is as clean as mine, but he does have concrete floors while I have industrial carpet in mine. He uses CMX with Acetone several times a year and does some local cleaning at times as well.

It does sound like the polishing thing may be a solution in those environments where track crud is a problem.

OH, one other thing, 70% of my wheels are metal, my friend in Denver is probably 25% metal.





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