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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LL - Track weathering

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Some, including myself have noticed and lamented that Atlas code 83 flex track is more flexible and tends to return kinda straight more easily than other brands, namely ME which seems to hold a bend pretty nicely.

I've found that if I weather my Atlas Flex using Krylon flat brown (camouflage), it has more pros than cons:

1. Now the Atlas Track holds a set(bend) like other track.
2. Track weathering is completed.
3. Over spray is easier to control
4. Cleaning rail tops is easer
5. I can use my paint booth to control fumes

1. Removing the paint for installing rail joiners is a pain
2. Removing the paint to install a feeder can be a pain.

I've started using this technique, but not painting the ends and masking a spot on each side for feeder attachment. Touch up is easy after the track is laid in place.

When I need to add a feeder or rail joiner to previously painted track, I use my dremel and a brass wire brush to clean the rail so that I get good electrical connections.


No, I don't remember reading or seeing this anywhere, but if this is really your idea and I just never saw it, or I forgot you told me about it, well, thanks for pointing that out. JD



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