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The Midland Central




 Designed by

John Armstrong

Published by ATLAS RR



My first layout, started Thanksgiving, 2005 was the Midland Central upgraded to 24" curves and double track mainline.
This first try at building a layout had many issues, but I learned a lot, which is I think, the purpose of your first railroad. Some of the problems included:
  • The dimension lumber I used was poor and was already warping which in turn was causing serious problems.
  • Hidden track with 1 inch of clearance is not going to be acceptable.
  • Doing scenery was going to be difficult and contrived (scenery should be planned, duh).
  • Every time I ran long trains, more than 8 or 10 cars, it looked like spaghetti.
  • It was a middle of the room layout and as with most middle of the room layouts, it is difficult to make the scenery look realistic.
  • I decided that I would change rooms so I moved it. Well the new room was too small so I decided I'd go for an around the walls scheme, so it was been disassembled for parts.



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