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Layout #2 The Parkdale & Santa Fe RR

My own Design 

two levels


Spring of 2007

MRR PDRR V2 2006 RR 07 MRR PDRR V2 2006 RR 10 DCCdrawer-04

This railroad was abandoned and dismantled beginning in the Spring of 2007 for the following reasons:

  1. Design had hidden track that was difficult to maintain.
  2. Peco turnouts used in the lower yard were prone to derail due to incompatibility with Alta Flex track.
  3. Not enough space to do the scenery I wanted.
  4. Spaghetti  track configuration provided no separation of trains. I had crammed too much track into too small a place
  5. When visitors came over there was no place for them to stand.
  6. Isle was 20" and caused serious congestion when more than one person was in the room.


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