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I ordered the new Xfinity X1 platform and paid the $35 installation fee. I am not sure whether I am elated or cursed by this machine, but here goes my Pros and Cons. 
  1. The device was well engineered from the human interface perspective.  A technically challenged person can operate the device with minimum training.
  2. EASY to turn Closed Caption on and off, hurray!
  3. Easy to record all movies and shows with a particular actor, just key in their name and the new search finds the shows and will record them automatically to your PVR if you want.



  1. Service on this product suxs.  
  2. Training - the on-site technical people don't have a clue how it works and have not been trained on it anywhere near adequately.  The people on the phone are even worse.
  3. Problems with the code abound, this box was not ready for prime time when they put it into the field.  After about 4  months and 5 service calls I think the box is working pretty well now.
  4. DVR gets a complete blank screen about 30 minutes into a 60 minute recording. The box does not respond to the remote to restart. THe ONLY way to get it restarted is to reboot the box.  Happens about once every 24 hours.  3rd service call, the tech checked the base micro code level of the box and found it way down level. This was on the 2nd box as they had replaced the original.
  5. Told me they could replace the box and we keep the DVR recordings because everything was on the 'cloud'.  WRONG. Nothing is not local on the box until next year.
  6. Emergency broad casts screw up the recordings and you loose big chunks of the show with no warning.  The segments are hidden and invisible to you until you start playing it and come to the 'gap'. grrrr
  7. The system will let  you name your main box and the satellites the same then locks itself out of the recording.  Have to rename one box and reboot both boxes to restore
  8. Does not allow you to lock a PVR recording to a particular channel, instead asking if you want to have HD or Regular station.
  9. The problems continued, system hangups, freezes, lost program segments, after 5 ruitless service calls, I'm done.  All the poor service techs can do is listen to you, make sure your signal strength is in the green and swap the box.  


last week, I was done with Comcast Xfinity X1, out it went and we are now using DISH.  Simply thrilled with the change.  




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