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Had my Xfinity Comcast router upgraded to the new Cisco 105+


The Wifi signal strength has been VERY Good!



  1. No battery backup supplied by comcast
  2. Router save config works but will not restore
  3. DHCP is flaky and Static IP is even worse.  Static IPs will not work as far as I can tell.
  4. If you block a device figurin gout how to unlock took me an hour. Was in the parents control area. . .
  5. Comcast is fighting code problems, they called me a couple of weeks ago saying their code push was bad and wanted me to do a hard reset on my router to purge the bad code. Lost all my settings, grrrr
  6. Phone Tech support people are idiots.
  7. DHCP list of devices worse I ever saw, only gives a little bit of info and you have to click to display, makes looking at it a mess.  Cannot believe it is a Cisco product.  Must be an expert menu in there somewhere, this box is so dumbed down. . .





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