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IPAD Review

I bought 2 new 64GB 3G IPADS last Thursday, June 24. Will I return them or keep them? So far wifey is saying keep your fingerlicking paws off my IPAD!

I gave up on Apple in 1985 when the PC came out because business refused to even talk about them. I'd started into PCs with an Apple ][e. Bet you have not seen that set of characters in a LONG time!

So far, I am way impressed.


  2. Getting pictures on the thing is a PITA
  3. NO USB for Thumb Drives
  4. Setting up email is funky
  5. I'm thinking they rushed this sucker to the market place, lots of things to come like deleting pictures and arranging them with iPhoto not there today.
  6. Way over priced


  1. Amazing graphics
  2. Pictures are wonderful when you finally get them there. 
  3. Great set of applications.

More to come,

Got to go ride my bike!

Joe Daddy



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