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   Which one should I Sell?  

I worked around my Lenz issues and have a good set up with digitrax.  When CTI-Electronics, my automation software, releases their next version,  I will be faced with a challenging decision, do I go back to Lenz or stay with Digitrax?  I really don't know which way I'll jump.  Digitrax is the largest DCC system of CTI users.  Lenz is Terriffic, but then so is Digitrax.  Which way do you guys think I should go?  

I already own both systems.  The question is which one do I sell?    Operationally, I like Lenz better for a these reasons.
1 - The Lenz LH100 is the easiest factory throttle to use IMHO. 
2 - The 23151 allows one to run a phone throttle without turning on the PC 
3 - Lenz makes power available on the throttle bus, nice for power LEDs 
4 - Digitrax radio throttle is very expensive, somewhat flakey and eats batteries.
5 - I'll get more money from the Digitrax inventory than the Lenz stuff I have.
6 - NO throttle steal and slot handling issues
1 - Terry's very correct about Lenz USB not getting the Windows drivers updated quickly.  I've scratched my head a number of times about the Lenz driver issues. 
2 - Lenz service is not what it once was. 
Terry's driver comment is huge. But wait, with Ethernet, I am out of the USB driver business!
Read more by clicking HERE
I made my decision a few weeks ago around Christmas time and it took me about 10 minutes with Lenz and the 23151.  I've already sold most of my DIgitrax stuff.


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