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Sain Smart DDS120 Silver PC-Based USB Oscilloscope

Digital Storage 20MHz Bandwidth 50MS/s


SainSmartDDS120b  SainSmartDDS120c SainSmartDDS120d

My Review ( April 2, 2015):

Spent a couple of hours trying to get a login for the forum, decided  they don't want it to work. Requires a separate ID from the store. Fix it!
A few hours work on the product and I wouldn't have anything to talk about. 
  1. Software v 1.3 shiped with my unit and it has some flaws, for example the time and channel knobs are too big for the screen allocated for it making the use of the knob weird. Version 1.2 works fine and does not have the flaw.
  2. Put an LED on the box so you now it is powered up and change its color when it is connected to the software. 
  3. The print on the electronic case/box is so small I had to get a magnifier to read channel 1 vs channel 3.
  4. The hole in the hub for the test signal is not positioned well.
  5. Tell us what the name of the driver will be in the device manager when everything is installed right. (it is USB102 on my machine, probably USBnnn).
  6. Win 7 required a reboot, Win 8.1 seemed to just work.
  7. Software does not 'install' it just runs.
  8. The interface looks very well done, some of its behaviors is a bit weird like why do the channel 1 and 2 'squares' blink?
  9. Appears to have an audio signal detector have not found out how to manage it.  The scope 'beeps' when an out of range (too big to display) is present on the probe.  Adjusting time and amplitude gets it quiet again.
  10. I thought the probes were pretty nice, certainly as nice as the old Textronix probes were.

Overall, I think the product will ultimately do what I need it to do. Good hobby scope.  
I last used oscilloscopes for mainfram maintenance activities back in the 70's.  Textronics 454 as I recall.  This scope is easier to use and the automatic functions are amazing. useful. It is way smarter than I am.

Sain Smart DDS120 Silver PC-Based USB Oscilloscope 



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